Monday, March 5, 2012


When I first noticed something was wrong with my ex-husband, I went from being angry with him to being ashamed of myself for imagining something was wrong with him. It was easier to believe I was turning into a screaming bitch.

He would do things that infuriated me, leaving me screaming while he just stood and had this blank look and stupid smile on his face. That would make me scream louder, threaten to do bodily harm to him, while he continued to just stand there and smile.

Had I recognized the signs of alzheimer's it would have saved me from getting crazier by the minute and maybe gotten him help before it was too late. I'm hoping I can keep readers from making the same mistake I made.

I'll admit I thought he was just getting stupid when he searched for the words for corn dog and came up with sausage on a stick.

He had always been known as a fabulous Feature writer and had won awards. All of a sudden he started telling me, "They want me to start writing feature stories." I would say something like "So start doing feature stories." His response was ALWAYS, "I can't think of anything to write about." WHAT???

I could come up with 20 ideas off the top of my head. He would write them down in the ever-present notebook he carried in his pocket.

Two days later he would say,  "They want me to start writing feature stories." I would say something like "So start doing feature stories." His response was ALWAYS, "I can't think of anything to write about."

"Where's the list you made 2 days ago?"  Standard answer: "I don't know".

I thought he was being stubborn because he just didn't want to do it.

Another sign: Following their companion from room to room. This is calling "Shadowing." This drove me up the walls.

Rummaging. He would go into my bathroom and rummage through all of my drawers, leaving things in disarray and all the drawers open. "What were you looking for in my bathroom?" Response: "I wasn't in your bathroom." This was just one of the things I interpreted as him becoming a horrible liar.

Every time we got in the car: "Where are we going?" I would answer. About a mile down the road: "Where are we going?" This would be repeated several times.

An increase in sexual behavior. Spent lots of time in the bathroom by himself.

He bought me the same CHEAP angel brooch at Christmas, three years in a row. That should have been a clue but I interpreted it as him being a cheapskate who just didn't care.

TOTAL incompetence with money. No bill paying, overdrawing bank account, didn't keep up with car or house insurance. But would spend on loads of stupid stuff. Could not pass a gum or candy machine without putting his little quarter in the slot.

I got where I was really glad we hadn't passed one of those horses a kid can put a quarter in and ride. To the stores who don't have those things outside…thank you.

Other signs: Can't follow a simple recipe…reading books with less words or stops reading…loses interest in television.

Went to another town…police called me. "He can't find his car and he can't even remember what make of car it is or what color it is."

There were other bazaar things that started happening much earlier but I just overlooked them. He had always been scattered and eccentric.

If you see any of these signs, don't take a chance. Get to a doctor. The first doctor I went to, said he absolutely did not have alzheimer's symptoms. If that happens, get another doctor.

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